Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Well... Easter is a big deal in my family. It is one of the favorite holidays we all look forward too. This is because of a few reasons...

1. We get to hear from our amazing church leaders with a great conference weekend! Man were the talks good this year. I can't wait to get the May ensign and re- read all the talks!

2. Tons of family, food, and games always going on.

I was pretty excited about this Easter bunny cake. I have always wanted to try making a fondant cake and so I thought I would try it out this weekend. it is and I thought it turned out pretty cute.

This picture is of me and my nephews while listening to Saturday session of conference. I love these boys :)

and the last reason is what we like to refer to as ...

3. The mother of all Easter Egg Hunts. Some of you may know this but you see, every year my parents save up their money for this. When I was little we used to hunt for eggs with candy, quarters, and if we were lucky a few $1 and $5 bills. Well, as the years has gone on my parents have made it a tradition to raise the dollar bills a little bit more. Each year the highest bill went up and up and up. We are now at $100 dollar bill being hidden in one egg and down from there. I sure put on my "A game" when it was time for the hunt this year (but really its all luck of which eggs you pick). I felt really good about me getting the big bill this year. Well, unfortunately it didn't happen but my total winnings was $103 so I was pretty happy about that. It is a fun tradition my family does each Easter that they save up for and all us kids look forward to. It was a fun easter weekend and it was fun to have all my family in town.

This is a picture of the Grandkids before the kids Easter egg hunt. I didn't get any pictures of the adult Easter egg hunt. Sorry. If you can't tell those are Easter bunny was pretty funny with all of them wearing them.

Happy Easter Everyone!


Cali Haynie Rutter said...

SO fun!! I love family Easter egg hunts!

That cake looks awesome!! You did a great Job!!

Can't wait to see you in like 2.5 weeks!