Thursday, April 30, 2009 favorite place on earth

This past week I went up to Delta, Utah. Some of you may think something like "Whoopie, whats so cool about Delta?" Well its these people right here...

I love these girls. We call ourselves the three amigos. I am pretty sure we have dozens and dozens of pictures of us three in pictures very similar to this one from when we were just babies to now. They are my 2 closest cousins and some of my best friends. Karilynne is on the left and she just returned from the Stokholm Sweden mission, me of course in the middle, and then Kelli on the right. We had not been together for almost 2 years til Saturday night when we met at my Grandma Lyman's house. It was so good to all be together again and be able to catch up on life. We had so much fun together and did what we do best when we get together...Laugh. Karilynne did a great job at her homecoming report and we had a lot of fun hanging out with all the family. It was a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Well it has been almost an entire year since I have last blogged...pathetic I know. I have had SO many people ask me if I blog and telling me I should so I decided I should learn how to blog and start doing it. The real reason I haven't blogged for a year is because I never really knew how to blog and I am probably thee most technology retarded person on this planet. BUT no worries... I have learned how for the most part and I will be blogging a lot more now. Since last I blogged was last may I decided I would catch everyone up on my life for the past year. (I know all of you are thinking "a years worth of blog! Thats going to take forever to read...I think thats my cue to leave") Well you can leave if you want, I dont blame you. BUT I promise I dont have a very eventful life so there isn't much to catch up on but I will give you the highlights. And hopefully it will be somewhat entertaining for you.
Let's start with Summer 2008 shall we?

June and July were pretty packed with catering for weddings. I had tons of fun. I catered with my friend Anne. We had a lot of fun and...

...we usually kept ourselves entertained when not catering too. Superman is always a favorite pass time when things are slow at weddings.

Yup...yet another scar on my body. I can't wait til the second coming and I will have no scars. In July I went for my annual cancer check up and they found something suspicious...SO I had another minor surgery and got this beauty. Good news is that has been the last time of any sign of cancer so I'm doing.


My family did our annual Swiss days craft fair. We spent all summer getting ready for it and it usually ends up as a family project every time we get even some of my cute nieces and nephew are helping out. It was a big success and a lot of fun.


This however is one guy who didn't have all that fun at Swiss Days, my Dad. He probably wouldn't be too happy with me if he knew I posted this picture on my blog but oh well...sorry Dad. My family almost lost my dad in September. He was really sick all through August and finally at the very beginning of September he went into the hospital and it turns out his appendix ruptured over a month ago and tons of infection had been spreading. They did emergency surgery and its a good thing they did because they say if we would have waited even a day more he would have most likely passed away in his sleep that night. It was pretty serious. This picture is him right after he came out of surgery and when he was in ICU. We are very blessed to still have him around. I don't know what I would do without my dad! :)


I was a princess for Halloween...

We had a ward Halloween party. That is actually another thing that keeps me pretty busy... I was called as Relief Society President in my student ward. These are some of the cute girls that are in my relief society. I absolutely love them all and have been very blessed to have this calling and get to know so many amazing girls that are an example to me in my life.


Me and some of my friends went up by the "C" in the fall and took some pictures for fun with all the pretty leaves. My family liked the pictures so much they wanted to take some family pictures up there...we didn't get there quite in time to get the fall colors but they still turned out pretty good.

the whole family

Me with my two brothers and my sister and all their spouses. Some day it will be even numbers...some day.

These are five of eleven of my nieces and nephews. The oldest five. Aren't they cute?

December - ENGLAND!!!

The famous Big Ben! My trip to England was great!I went with one of my best friends Anne Decker. Some of the things I got to do were go to the musicals Wicked and The Lion King, travel all around London to see the famous sights, we actually stayed on the London Temple grounds and were able to do some family names with baptisms for the dead in the London, England temple, I went to Jane Austins house, Stone Henge, where they filmed Harry Potter movies, two of the Queens castles, changing of the guard, etc. It was an amazing experience I will NEVER forget.
Me in front of Wicked.

January and February I didn't take any pictures sorry...but I have kept myself busy with being in the elementary education block at SUU and its been a blast. I also teach piano and have kept myself busy with those things


I have been so lucky to work with so many children in elementary schools this semester. I had the opportunity to go down to Mesquite Nevada and work with first graders for a week in their school. All of the block students went and we had a blast with bowling, games, teaching, ect. I have had a blast so far this semester!

Some of my kids from Mesquite. We were painting a scene for a play they were putting on.

We went bowling that night. It was so fun. Us modeling our bowling balls.

These are all the people in the block. They have become my second family this semester!

My fourth grade kids at south elementary. I love them!

Well everyone...that is officially thee longest blog of all of history. If this is your first time reading my blog...don't worry they will not be this long always. And props for getting to the end of this if you are a true friend if you did. And if you were one of those that just went through and looked at the pictures...thats probably what I would have done too. I hope you enjoyed them. I have been very blessed in my life in the past year and these are just a few of the things that have happened. Now that I am all caught up in blogging I can check another thing off of my "to do" list. I will be much much more consistent with this I promise. I hope you enjoyed and will enjoy future posts! :)