Monday, August 10, 2009

Party time!

Hey everyone! I thought it was about time for another update. This month has been a good one. I have about a week and a half until I start student teaching! I'm trying to do as much as possible before than because I have a feeling as soon as August 20th comes around I will have very little social life. I have figured my schedule out and with 10 piano students and the contract hours for student teaching I will pretty much be gone everyday from about 8-7 and then come home for prep the next day. It will be good...but 3 hecktic months. Anyways...back to what I was really here to blog about...August Updates. Here are some pictures from the party my family had a couple days ago for my niece and nephew. It was a lot of fun...all the kids played on the slip and slide, we went out to eat, and basically played games all day. Here are a few pictures from the party.All the kids in their swimsuits before the slip in slide started.

Kamree coming down the slip and slide

My cute nephew Gavin...I think he is contemplating if he should go down the slip n' slide.
My nephew Frank and I.

I love this picture...haha I think my nephew Gabe was cold and had had enough at this point.

One of the games we played.

This little guy (Logan) didn't get to participate in the slip n' slide. But he was still happy.
This is baby Eli... He is a little too young to do the slip n' slide. He just hangs around and looks cute.

The stars of the party. It was Scotlynn's birthday on July 26th and Gabes on August 1st so we combined the two and had this birthday party.
I just love this picture of my niece Eliza. She is so cute.

All my nieces and nephews are adorable. I love being around them and my family and spending time with them. They keep things interesting and fun. I am the luckiest aunt in the world.

I have also had a bonfire with a bunch of friends this month but unfortunately I don't have any pictures from well as going hiking at Kanaraville falls with my family home evening group tonight. It was a blast but I forgot my camera in the car. I hope you all enjoyed these pictures though... Thats all folks. But I will be back.