Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween is in the Air

Halloween came early this year for my family. All the family was in town this weekend so we thought we would have a Halloween party. I've never been a huge fan of Halloween, but for some reason the past couple of years I have gotten very very into Halloween. I love it. I've been thinking about possible costume ideas for a couple months now. I think its one of my new favorite holidays. These are a few of the things that we did this weekend. We started out the day by preparing a Halloween feast. We had spooky jello jigglers, pumpkin bread bowls filled with yummy soup (one of my favorite personal touches is the pumpkin bread bowl), and witches brew to drink.After our delicious meal we decorated Halloween sugar cookies and made skeletons. All the boys got to put bow ties on their skeletons and all the girls have hair bows of course. They turned out so cute. All my nieces and nephews loved it...

The rest of the night we watched Halloween movies, played outside, and all the kids had a huge sleepover in the upstairs while the adults stayed up laughing and playing games.

My nieces brought their Halloween costumes to model for us while they were in town since we wouldn't get to see them all dressed up on Halloween.

We had a witch, a fairy ballerina, Minnie mouse, and don't forget out little baby bee.

I think Rachel was getting sick of her Bee costume after several pictures...

Even though my costume isn't complete yet, I had to go get it on when I saw baby Rachel in her bee costume because...

Halloween is just around the corner! This weekend was just the beginning of the Halloween celebrations. In my preschool on Wednesday all the kids and the staff are going to dress up and have a Halloween carnival. That should be a lot of fun. I guess I better finish up the rest of my costume before then. As for Halloween day... I actually have no party plans. Who knows maybe I will end up just passing out candy in my Bee costume? Halloween Party? Scary movie? I don't know what it will be, but whatever it is I am sure I will have a spooktacular time.
Happy Haunting!