Monday, May 25, 2009

May Moments

There has been so much going on this month and I finally have time to write about it all and post some of the pictures. It has been a great month with lots of adventures. Time has just flown by. Let's start with Brian Regan...

My brother Justin and his wife Jen went with me and Bryan to Brian Regan down in Tuachan. It was really funny just like all of Brian Regan's comedy routines are and it was a lot of fun.

All 20 members of my family went to Disneyland for 3 days. It was a ton of fun. The first day we went we all had matching shirts on. So if you can imagine 20 members all moving through Disneyland in a big pack with matching shirts on...yeah we stood out. But it was fun. Here are a few pictures from the happiest place on earth.

Me , My Mom and my sister Krista when we first got into the park. People say we all look alike...I don't see it...maybe you do?

This is the whole gang with Mickey. It is amazing we even got this good of a picture. Trying to get 11 kids to look at the camera at the same time is a real challenge...but we did pretty good. I would name everyone but it would take to long. But don't I have a cute family?

My sister in law Jen me and my very tired nephew Logan on the spinning ferris wheel ride.

This is me praying/closing my eyes waiting for it to be over/wishing my brother and brother in law didn't force me to ride this ride...The Big Shot. I am usually up for faster than the speed of light rollercoasters that drop you and flip you and anything you can imagine...but rides like this one (The Big Shot) and Tower of Terror I absolutely am deathly afraid of. They are just those rides that make you feel like your stomach is going to jump out of your body and fall all over everyone when you are free falling. But I decided this trip to be brave and finally try them and they weren't that bad. This was my first try at those kind of rides. I screamed like a little girl but they were fun.

Don't you love this picture of my Mom and Dad. Haha I absolutely love it. It is on the new Toy Story ride in California Adventure. It is a way fun ride very similar to the Buzz ride if you have ever been on that but I like it better. Its all in 3D and we were able to catch this lovely shot of my parents.

Well...thats all for Disneyland that I am putting up. I hope you enjoyed it. I have tons more fun pictures but these were some of my favorites.

After Disneyland I came back and tried to get back to reality. Another big thing that happened this month was I finally got my Student Teaching assignment for the fall! Woohoo! I have 2 placements. Both are at East Elementary in Cedar City and one is in the first grade and the second is in fifth grade. It will be an exciting exhausting fun experience for me. Now that I have the assignments I have to start preparing my big unit for it all. Other than that I have been busy stitching for my family, teaching piano ( I am up to 8 students now ), and even cleaning a house on the side for a small job. It's great and I'm loving life. I think thats all I've got for this posting but I will be back on soon!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The big 2 1!

My birthday was this past week...May 2nd. It was so much fun. All of my family came into town (not only was it my birthday but the next day my brother was blessing his baby boy Eli) so we had a full house. A house gets pretty crazy with 9 Adults and 11 grandkids...but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love my family. We had a BBQ, opened presents, and played games. I also went to the new x-men movie with Bryan later that night. It was a fun day. Here are a few pictures.

My all time favorite musical is Wicked. I got to see it when I was in London. My parents went to it about a month ago in SLC and they got me this shirt from it. It has a picture of the witch and it says "Defy Gravity" if anyone knows anything about this musical they know that that is one of the best songs there is on it.

I also got a Willowtree statue from my parents. They are the statues you always see at Deseret book that are hand carved. I love them so much and I collect them so I got another one to add to the collection!

A picture with me and 8 of the 11 cute nieces and nephews of mine! Aren't they adorable! I am so glad all of them were able to come to town to celebrate my birthday with me!

It was a great weekend. I had a great birthday and my nephews baby blessing was great!