Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break 2010 Adventures

Hello Blogging World. It's been almost 3 months since I have posted and its about time I sat down and did a post. I have had a lot going on in the past 3 months...mostly a lot of work. I have gone up to Logan and interviewed with school districts up there as well as here in Cedar. Job hunting consumes a lot of my thinking time and takes up a lot of time applying, interviewing, researching, etc. so it was nice when this week Spring Break finally rolled around. Now, I am officially not an SUU student so I really didn't have spring break. However, all my friends did....So I justified to myself it should be my spring break as well. I canceled all my piano students, I didn't substitute teach at all, and I basically played all week. Here is a glimpse at my spring break.

It all started with Pi Day. Some of you may ask...who celebrates Pi day?? Well, when you are part of my group of friends it is a must. On Pi day we made a new kind of pie. It was a Sunday evening and we had very few ingredients in my house and very well couldn't go out on a sunday to buy ingredients for the pie. We were going to make apple pie, but there were no apples. The only fruit we did have was...grapefruit. So what did we do? What better day then on Pi day itself to experiement with a new kind of pie. Grapefruit Cream Pie. It does sound gross, I know. But surprisingly ... it is very very good. If you don't believe me there are witnesses. Me, Bryan, McCabe, Cassie, and Cicely all ate it and it was delicious. If any of you would like to try it sometime, I would be happy to share the recipie or make you the pie. Don't be shy to ask.

Ta da ... I would like everyone to pay special close attention to the modern art piece I created in the middle of the pie with the grapefruit rinds. I thought it added a nice touch.

The next couple of days we spent the nights together playing games, watching movies, talking, and planning our next adventures. In past discussions my friends have always shared fun memories of lake qwitchapa (spelling?) just out west of town. I being the apparently sheltered person that I am have never ventured out west of town 10 minutes to visit this infamous place...and this is what it looked like.

You know how most of the time people say that pictures don't give a beautiful place justice? Well... in this case I would have to say that this picture was very generous of its beauty. I really did like the lake...but I don't remember it being this pretty in real life when this picture was taken.

Then came Thursday...we all went down to Zion. Now this may be hard for some of you to believe but I have a confession. I have never been to Zion before either. I always joke with everyone that I have been to Europe on 3 separate vacations but never been east of Utah (which is true) and hardly any places that are practically in my backyard (such as Zion) It's sad, but true. Well we planned to hike Angles Landing. I had heard horror stories of this hike so I was a bit nervous. Especially when I saw this sign at the beginning of the trail...For those of you who can't quite make out the sign it says " Warning! Falls from cliffs on this trail have resulted in death!" ...this is not exactly the happy welcoming I want to see as I start off on the hike.

For those of you who have been on the hike...this is Scouts look out. This is the spot right before it is the time to hold on to all the chains for dear life just trying to get to the top of angels landing.

After most of the chains are done you get to this kind of landing...but no...its not the end of the hike yet... I stayed sitting at this landing for quite some time (which by the way is 99% all the way through the hike) and said I didn't want to go the rest of the way. I was mad at myself for saying this because I wanted to go the rest of the way but I will now explain my reasoning... As I was sitting on this rock almost done with the hike...we were waiting for others to come down the trail where we had to head up to finish the hike. Keep in mind this part we have to climb up is snow covered and very slippery (there were a few parts of the hike with snow but not bad, this part however was completely covered) Well, while waiting on this rock I was watching the people come down this part I had to go up and this guy slips on the slippery snow and starts sliding down not able to stop himself and comes feet within going off the edge of the cliff. Yet again...not a very comforting thing to see. I wanted to finish the hike so badly though, I had come so far. So Bryan, calmed me down, talked me into finishing the hike, and helped me go the rest of the way. He also found a way where we didn't even have to go through the snowy part so it was much much safer. Thanks Bryan! I would have been so mad at myself for not finishing. I guess it was good I was cautious about being safe, I didn't want to be a baby ... but kind of was.

Here McCabe is juggling on the top of Angels Landing. Don't worry he was safe and a safe distance a way from the edge...not many people can say they have juggled on the top of Angles landing though. Amazing hike by the way for all of you have not hiked it ... I highly suggest it. It's beautiful. Not to mention Walters Wiggles gives you quite the work out!

We were all pretty sore from the Hike the next day...but did that stop us?? NO! The next day we went down to St. George and went Ice Skating at the Dixie Igloo! Most of us were beginners or have only gone a few times. It was so much fun ... I would like to say I looked something like this on the ice....

But I think I looked more like this... the end we were all getting pretty good. And Bryan and I were even trying to attempt some pretty cool moves. Attempt was the key word there. He was doing pretty good. I still need work. Charles was ice skating backwards by the end (which is way harder than it looks) and we were all becoming pretty dang good. It was a lot of fun. I am going to go again some time soon.

It was a fun week of Spring Break! Now back to reality...