Friday, June 17, 2011

So many here it is

I have had so many people requesting me to post how Derek purposed to here it is everyone. Don't get too excited it wasn't a airplane flying over with a banner saying "will you marry me?" or anything big....which is just perfect for me. So here it is... First off, I totally knew it was coming. We had talked about getting married before then I was just waiting for it to be official. The night before we went to my parents house and talked to my parents and while we were there he asked them for permission. They of course love Derek and said they couldn't have picked anyone better. The next day Derek took work off early and we went around town looking for rings. I didn't really find anything that I absolutely loved but we were both getting hungry and decided to stop ring shopping for the day and go eat. We went to Robertos and shared a smothered burrito ( how romantic right?) After that we decided to just take a drive. Derek started to drive up Cedar mountain for our drive. He pulled off about ten minutes up the canyon to this overlook where we have both been repelling before. We climbed to the top of the overlook (which is gorgeous) and he got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. Of course I said yes and its history from there. Again nothing big, but just perfect for both of us. The next day we went down to St. George and went ring shopping some more. We went to Kay Jewelers and right off I picked out this gorgeous ring that I absolutely loved. I tried on about 35 other rings after that bug came back to that original ring I found at the beginning and we bought that. I guess every kiss really does begin with Kay. Ever since then we have been planning like crazy for wedding and reception, scheduling dates, looking for a place to live, etc. We are so excited and just can't wait to be married. We will be getting married August 20th and our reception is August 19th (the night before). Here is a picture of right after Derek purposed.

And this isn't the greatest picture of the ring but its the only one I've got.

Now besides getting engaged and wedding plans I have had TONS going on. I have had a ton of things in my life happen in such a short time. First... School ended. This was our last day of preschool and I miss my little preschoolers so much. Those cute kids were such a huge part of my life. We also had a end of year party the next day... there are some pictures from that as well.

Here is a picture of me and my most amazing assistance. I love them!

Me and cute little Evelyn. We got along so well. She started to cry on the last day of school saying she would miss me. I miss her too... I'm having withdrawls from this cute girl.

Antonio and me.

Girls night! Cicely, Sadie, Cassie and I had our regular as possible when we are all in town girls night. We try to get together as often as possible. We are blowing out candles because all of our birthdays are close so we did a combined birthday/girls night.

Here we are devouring our homemade "Never on a Sundae" so so so good!

On May 26th my Grandma Lyman passed away. It was a bitter sweet day. She was in a lot of pain and needed to go on but we sure do miss her. What a blessing it was to help take care of my grandma in our home before she passed away. A special spirit and experience I will never forget. Her and Grandpa finally got to be reunited after 14 1/2 years. We will miss grandma.

Exactly 12 hours after Grandma Lyman passed away little Dresden LuAnn Keate was born. This is my older brother Justins little girl. She is darling.

After seeing Dresden at the hospital me and my two cousins Kelli and Karen ran the St. George midnight 5k run. Since it was the midnight 5k they gave us glow in the dark stuff to run with. It was a lot of fun. I will be doing another 5k July 15th.

A couple days later we drove up to Delta and had my Grandma Lymans viewing and funeral. My grandma looked gorgeous. She was 91 but sure didn't look it. These are all my uncles and aunts and mom around my grandmas casket at the viewing.
When we got back from Delta Derek and I went on a double date to hike Kolob Canyon with ...

... this lovely couple. Cicely and McCabe. They are getting married exactly one week before Derek and I...which is kind of funny becausue Cicely and I have been best friends all our lives and always jokingly planned a double wedding... what are the odds we would be married a week apart from each other. We have so much fun with them.

Since then we have been shopping for wedding stuff like crazy. Derek and I were taking care of my two nephews but also needed to do some shopping for the bridesmaid outfits... SO ... basically I shopped and Derek and the boys hung out patiently in the store waiting for me to be done. Good male bonding time.

Well...thats what has been happening in my life. Its been a crazy roller coaster with lots going on but its been a great ride! I'll keep you updated!


sarah said...

Congratulations! I'm excited for you. Your ring is so pretty! Good luck with all the planning.

Brianna said...

Oh my goodness! I am so crazy excited for you!! What a great day!! Who would have thought you and Derek and Cicely and McCabe :) so happy!

Jordan said...

I am so happy for you!!!

Anne said...

huzzah! Good work. hahah can I say that about getting engaged? well I did. It surprised me a lot, but I like you and Derek together!