Monday, May 16, 2011

Did I tell you the news...?

I have had some pretty huge things happen in my life lately that I would share with you all if you haven't already heard. Did I tell you that...

I moved out of my parents home into a town home? it is. It's pretty dang cute. I love it! Me and my cousin Kel are roomates and we also have two other girls that live with us. It's been a blast.

I'll give you a tour of our house... This is our front porch...

After you walk in the door you come right into our living room.

And then head into our kitchen ...
Then we head upstairs to where our room is. Me and my cousin share the master bedroom. It doesn't even feel like I'm sharing a room because it's so roomy. P.S. Kel is probably one of the funnest roommates ever. We've already had a blast.

This is my corner of the room...
The part of our room with our little desk/TV/ and walk in closet.

This is our all time favorite feature is how big our shower is. Sometimes I take an extra long shower just to take it all in. I love our shower.

And this is our walk in closet. I love having a walk in closet. We have tons of space between the two of us.

Now on with the other exciting news...

I turned 23! Not really all that exciting. I feel the same I did as at 22. But people say one year older and wiser too... This is me and my nephew Gavin at my party my family had for me.

Me opening presents. Derek came too and made my birthday a great day! :)

Did I tell you... I bought my very first and very own piano!?! I love love love love love it! It is cherry oak wood and looks just gorgeous in my new home. I now have my students come to my house to teach lessons. And I got a great deal on it!
I got a new job! I will be teaching FULL TIME (Yay!) out at the Three Peaks Preschool next year. I am so excited about my new job! I went and met the 3 other wonderful preschool teachers out there and they are just fantastic. I'm so excited. And its only 5 minutes away from my new apartment (we are right by the hospital).

Since I moved out of my house I also moved out of my ward (which means I am released as Relief Society President) and I also moved into the 2nd stake. It's a pretty fun ward from what I can tell.

I also am taking some classes through Utah State. Most classes are online and I will probably go up occasionally to some in person classes. I'm getting a special education degree. When I'm done with that (which will be in a year and a half) I will have earned my Masters in the duel major of Elementary Education and Special Education Early Childhood Education. Some people would find that bad news...but I don't mind still going to school while teaching
... I love to continue to learn.
And finally here are some pictures that I just haven't posted. For Easter weekend we had a big hunt and also went to the aquatic center for the first time. This is the cake I made for the Easter festivities.

I think thats all the updates so far. It's been a crazy past month and a half but I'm doing great, I'm loving life, and I'm blessed to have all these wonderful things come into my life. Til next time...