Friday, April 15, 2011

Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky

I was able to go to Lousiville, Looavul, LouEville, Luhvul, Looeyville (who knows how you really say it... we asked several people and they all gave us different answers) Louisville, Kentucky. Anyway... I was able to go therefor 5 days for a work conference. I had so much fun. My friend Cassie came and kept me company. I only went to conference for 2 days for a couple hours each day and the rest of the time was ours to explore life in Louisville. Here are a whole load of pictures of our trip.

The very first picture of our trip I made Cassie take. For those of you who love LOST... I kept talking about how us waiting to get on the plane reminded me of all the flashbacks on LOST where it shows all the individual lives of all the characters. WELL...right after saying that I looked over and saw a John Locke look alike! For those of you who don't know John Locke he is one of my favorite characters. I had to get a picture with this guy without letting him know what we were doing. You can be the judge but I thought it was a sign we were going to be the
next flight 815.

My very first taxi ride ever (Man are they expensive... Good thing the district gave me their credit card...buses are much much cheaper.)

As you all know they have the Kentucky Durby in Kentucky...therefore ALL OVER
Lousiville they have horse statues about every block. You will see several of those in this blog.

These are our cool shirts that we bought... "May the horse be with you" and "I used to be cool"
...and a couple more horse pictures

The view from our hotel was looking over the Ohio River. The river is about a mile wide and on the other side of it is Indiana. One night we went out on the open space they have to overlook the river and took a bunch of pictures. It was beautiful. They also had random statues here that we took advantage of taking several pictures with.

This is a random statue of a guy with a gun and dead ducks... they
have some pretty weird statues in Lousiville...but we liked them.

This is 4th street live. It's famous in Louisville because it "comes alive" at night. You can only get in with an ID after a certain time and they have tons of entertainment. It is a really cool street and we had a lot of fun. We went and ate at Hard Rock Cafe too... Mmmm.

This are just some random pictures taken throughout our many adventures.

If you look closely you can tell that this limo is totally blinged out. I don't think there was hardly any of it that was not covered with jewels. Southerners like style I guess...

This is me contemplating why the heck there is a random chandelier hanging at the street corner as if it were a light post.

Now this was by far my FAVORITE place in all of Kentucky. The Louisville slugger museum. The tour was amazing. It had some really cool artifacts in it and then we went on the tour and saw them make all the bats that they make for the MLB. While we were there they were doing an order for Andre Ethier. It was me excited for baseball season.

Me and Babe Ruth. They had a really cool actual game bat of Babe Ruth's there that he made a mark on every time he hit a home run in a season. That was one of my favorite artifacts. It was an amazing museum.

Me holding Micky Mantles game bat. That was pretty cool... you have to wear special gloves so the oils on your hands don't get it dirty over time.

The giant bat outside of the Louisville slugger museum. The bat is 120 feet tall!

We went to the Louisville Science center. While there they had a HUGE Star Trek Museum that was going on that we got to tour through. They wouldn't let us take any pictures in the actual museum though because of copyright stuff. All the stuff in the museum was the original artifacts used through the filming of Star Trek. It was awesome. Beam Me up Scotty!

They also had this cool contraption at the science center. You could enclose yourself in a bubble. This is the best picture we could get.

This is Cassie and I at Church Hill Downs. We didn't get to see any horse races but it was so cool to see where they hold the Kentucky Derby. It was beautiful there!

And finally...back home in the Salt Lake City airport. It was a gr
eat trip and I have decided I LOVE the south and back east. Such nice people. We had a great trip! Bye ya'll!


David and Mary said...

Looks like you had a great time! I like your Dodgers shirt!!

Annalies said...

Thanks... Your son actually got that for me. Go Dodgers! :)

Kendra Haynie said...

Isn't Church Hill Downs beautiful?!?! Horse races are the biggest adrenaline rush of my whole life! My grandpa's/moms horse won the Kentucky Derby in 1955...our claim to fame! Such a fun trip and I am so jealous! Love you and you are beautiful!!

Brianna said...

AHH that looks so fun!!! Isn't Church Hill Downs amazing!!?? and that southern hospitality! Ahh I want to attend the Kentucky Derby one year. Such a fun trip!

Cassie said...

Kendra, that is such a cool claim to fame, I'm jealous!

And Bib, I loved the post, except that the last picture wasn't in the Salt Lake airport, it was in the North Kentucky/Cincinnati Airport. You totally left out the part where we went to Ohio... but not really.

Charles Hart said...

My ancestor rode Seabiscuit. George Wolf was his name.

I walked on the moon.

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