Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beautifying my Bathroom

My bathroom was completely out dated with floral wall paper and with even more hideous counter tops and more....until now. This was my little project (with the help from my parents) I painted over the wallpaper, we had the countertop replaced with granite, got a new sink, new door handles, took down the floorboards and put up new ones, new light fixtures, and changed the color scheme a bit. Here are some before and after pictures.



And there you have it. Went from old and ugly to an updated fresh look! It was a fun project to work on.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Car Accident

I got in a car accident on Monday night. I was coming up the hill to come home and a guy rolled through the stop sign and didn't even see me. He T boned into my car. I was lucky that it wasn't by my door or I would have been badly hurt. It could have been a lot worse if it would have been a few seconds later so I'm very thankful for that. His truck sure wiped out the front of my car though. He was in a HUGE truck ... it didn't even scratch the truck but it totally dominated my nice new car. I sure can feel the effects of the crash though. My whole body is very very sore from the whip lash and I have some very deep bruises where my seat belt was. I couldn'tbreathe very well when it initially happened because my body was in such shock...the rest of the night I was dizzy and nauseous. I'm doing fine I said before just very sore and some deep bruises. My car looks pretty bad and the tire is even bent inwards... its not drivable but hopefully she will be fully recovered within 3-4 weeks.The guy who ran into me was super nice and very cooperative. He fully admitted it was his doing and so his insurance is covering everything. They are even able to give me a rental car until my car is done being fixed. Thanks everyone for your concern and calls. It means a lot. Here are a few pictures of the damage done.