Saturday, September 11, 2010

What have I been up to?? Let me show you...

Oh dear... looks like I'm not all that great at this blogging thing. I need to be better. It's like a journal I always have good intentions to do it but I just never get around to it at the end of the day. It has been on my to do list for several weeks now and I'm finally getting it done. Well there is just too much to share so I better get on with it. School started.. I am LOVING it. The kids are just so darn cute for their own good. I will tell you about school in a minute but to show you some of the things I did before summer ended....

I got a call at about 5:50 on my last week of summer before school started. As I was laying in bed I thought...who in the world is calling me this early ( I am not a morning person ). Well it was Bryan. He was up early, had read in the newspaper that a new cascade falls hike was re opening and wanted to go hike it. I had my first staff meeting that morning so we were hurrying. We got up there just in time to see the sun rise and it was BEAUTIFUL. Here are a few pictures from that little trip. Although I'm not a morning person that was well worth it. We had a lot of fun.

School started a couple days after that and I have absolutely loved it. I haven't taken any pictures of my classrooom yet... I will get some though so that I can post them. But I have taken some cute pictures of a few of the kids. The most kids I have had are 17! It doesn't sound like a whole lot but then if you consider that 10 of those kids were under the age of 18 months I think you understand. The youngest child we have is 6 weeks old. The oldest is 4. Me and one of my staff members are in charge of the preschool part of it while my other two assistants are trying to handle the babies. It can get hecktic but for the most part we have handled it all really well. Here are a few of my kids. I just love them to death...

So far I just love my job. My hours are 8-2 Monday thru Thursday and I have all Fridays off (which is SO nice). I have a great staff and the kids make me laugh everyday. You never know what to expect.

Over labor day weekend my family went up to participate in our annual sale ... Swiss Days. I took a few pictures of what it looked like in case nobody has ever been. Which by the way if you haven't I highly suggest it. Its so much fun and there are so many cute booths!

Mom and Dad loading the truck before we left!

Usually it doesn't look this calm. Usually there are people all in the booth and lines of people waiting to get into the booth as well. Swiss Days is a lot of fun but there are some vicious and crazy shoppers up there! We had a little over 700 stitches going up and came back with about 1/3 of that so we thought we did really well at the sale. For those of you who don't have any idea about this family business and stitching that I'm talking about here is a link to our website so you can understand a little better what it is we do. Plus thats good advertisement right? Thanks to Bryan who designed and put together our website for us. It's a lot of work.

After Swiss Days was over I was only a couple hours away from Logan so Cicely and I met up and we made a weekend trip up to Logan to visit Bryan and McCabe. It was a lot of fun. I just love it in Logan. I hope I get to live there one day. Its beautiful. We had fun and will probably make another trip within the next while.

My parents made a quick trip to the temple this past Friday and I thought since I had the day off I would join them. While I was waiting for them to be done with their session I just sat out on the grass of the temple and enjoyed the weather, did some thinking, and did some reading. It was so peaceful and relaxing. It was great. This is a picture I took while enjoying my beautiful surroundings...

Just to mention the other things that are keeping me busy after work everyday:
* I'm taking 6 credits through SUU at the school district so that I can get closer to getting my ESL endorsement.
* I just got 3 new piano students this week filling me up completely taking me to 15 piano students. That definitly keeps me busy everynight after work. It can get pretty hecktic but its good extra income and I love teaching piano.
* I just got called as Relief Society President in my ward. It will also keep me busy but will be a great blessing in my life. I was Relief Society President once before in my previous ward and I absolutely loved getting to know all those girls better. This ward is all new people so it will be interesting.
* I'm still trying to learn some spanish on my own ...its been one of my goals for a long time and I've got a good start. Rosetta stone has become my good friend as I've been doing that.

Most nights I don't get home til pretty late and its always a full and unpredictable day but so far I've loved it all and its been great! Hope everyone is doing great! Until next time...